The compiler takes a parsed set of guides and compiles and writes the output to the file system.

class cece.compiler.Compiler(config, guides)[source]

The compiler object.

  • config (dict) – The configuration
  • guides (dict) – The parsed set of guides to output

Make url from an id.

Parameters:id (string) – The id to form into a url

Compile the provided guides and write out the result to the file system.

_compile_folder(path, folder)[source]

Compile a folder, which is a listing of links to other folders or pages.

  • path (string) – The path of the folder
  • folder (dict) – The data for the folder
_compile_page(path, page)[source]

Compile a page.

  • path (string) – The path of the page
  • page (dict) – The data for the page